Counselling Services & FAQ

Whatever you are experiencing right now, you don’t have to deal with it alone. I know the thought of talking to someone about the problems you’re having can feel daunting,

Sometimes people tell me they put off talking to someone because they feel bad about feeling bad, or experience feelings of guilt or shame as they think “I should be able to sort this out by myself…” and yet they’ve been trying and they can’t.

The reality is that we all experience distressing events, difficult feelings or relationship issues at some point in our lives, it’s just part of being human. And at those times, a little support can go a long way.

Private Therapy & Counselling for Individuals

Online Working

Employee Assistance Counselling for Employees

Private Medical Insurance

Counselling can help you in so many difficult areas…


Anxiety & Stress




Career Changes


Adapting To Change


Confidence Issues


Moods & Self Esteem


Having Children



Note: This lists is far from exhaustive; if you want to explore any other issues you are encouraged to get in touch.

It’s perfectly normal to have questions

Many of my clients will have questions they want to know answers to before proceeding. Some of the most common ones are addressed in this section, but if you have others then please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide an answer.

Its important to me that you feel safe and understood; We work collaboratively to agree how your sessions are structured, how frequently we will meet and also to ensure we have an agreed outcome to work towards.

The therapeutic relationship we create together is central to how I work. I will seek to understand you; your beliefs about yourself, others and your environment.

In my experience counselling is most effective when people feel safe to learn about themselves, to identify beliefs or responses that aren’t helpful anymore and are willing to explore new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Self-acceptance is often the key to enabling personal change.

What are your fees?

I charge £45.00 per 50 minute session.

When are appointments available?

Tuesday – Friday between 14.00- 20.00.

Please contact me to find out when I have availability.

How many sessions will I have?

The period of time we meet for will depend on what you need. I am happy to work with clients on a short, medium or long term basis, depending on what is suited to you.

When agreeing the possible time-frame to work together, we will consider the issues you want to deal with, the outcome you are aiming for and the pace you feel comfortable working at. This is something we would review together at agreed points during your counselling, to ensure you are getting what you need from our sessions.

What would a counselling session be like?

Our initial session is an opportunity to find out more about each other. We will explore what you want from counselling and determine whether the service I offer is appropriate for your needs.

It is important you feel safe and understood; I work collaboratively to agree how sessions are structured, how frequently we will meet and ensure we have an agreed outcome to work towards.

It may be at first you are not sure what you want from counselling, having time dedicated to thinking about your own needs can feel like a unique experience, I will work flexibly with you to identify what you want to gain from counselling.

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