What Are The Issues That Therapy Can Help With?

What Can Therapy Help With?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, so I have listed the most common issues below with a bit more information describing each. In reality, people often experience overlapping issues, such as depression and anxiety, the boundaries are not always clear-cut.

This list doesn’t cover everything and every individual’s experience is different, so please contact me if you want to talk about something that isn’t listed and I will let you know if it’s an area that I work with.

I have special interests in the areas of trauma in it’s various forms, bereavement and loss, and working with currently serving armed forces and ex-services personnel.



Depression or persistent low mood

Feelings of depression, persistent sadness or low mood, feelings of despair or hopelessness, low enthusiasm and a lack of enjoyment in life, often feeling tearful and overwhelmed.


Anxiety, Agitation, Panic Attacks

Feelings of anxiety, nervousnes, agitation, being constantly on edge or afraid, being restless and fidgety, experiencing panic attacks and other physical symptoms. May involve fear of particular objects or situations, or making strenuous efforts to avoid these. Can also involve obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviours.


Anger, Irritation or Irritability

Issues with anger often create problems with work, home, relationships and feeling OK about yourself.

Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and PTSD

I work with trauma, post traumatic stress and PTSD arising from a wide range of causes, including violence, abuse, road traffic accidents and experiences in the armed forces, emergency services, legal and medical professions.

Related intrusive thoughts, imagery or memories, anxiety, panic, flashbacks, anger, unusual physical sensations, relationship issues or depression are common.

Childhood Issues

Bullying, trauma or abuse including physical, emotional or sexual abuse, deprivation or neglect.

Unresolved "Baggage" From the Past

Old hurts or resentments, regrets, anger, sadness, shame, fear or intrusive memories or thoughts.

Bereavement & Loss

Our experience of bereavement and loss is very individual and can evoke a range of complex and sometimes unexpected emotions. How we react will depend on our own personality, our relationship with the deceased and the circumstances of the death. Often bereavement can bring other issues to the surface as well.

Work-Related Stress

Often includes feelings of overwhelm, panic attacks, exhaustion, burnout, difficulties with colleagues or difficulties achieving home-work balance.

Bullying or Abuse, in Any Setting, Past or Present

Bullying and abuse can take many forms, it can be physical, verbal, emotional or sexual, past or present.

Bullying and abuse can happen in many settings, including work, our place of study or at home. Sometimes it happens in our closest relationships where we should feel the safest. Domestic abuse is very common and can affect people from any culture and of any gender.

Adjusting to Major Life Changes

For example separation, divorce, redundancy, retirement, relocation, job or career changes, recovering from a serious illness, coming to terms with a life-changing diagnosis or debilitating injury.

Armed Forces & Ex-Services Personnel

Working in the armed forces can bring it's own set of challenging experiences and circumstances, in addition to any of the other issues on this list. Because of the culture of being seen to be strong, it can be doubly hard to know who to talk to, but if problems don't get addressed they can start to adversely affect quality of life, relationships or career.

Leaving the armed forces can also can present challenges in different ways, depending on individual circumstances. Building a new life post-service and navigating the practicalities of everyday life, relationships and work in a different culture can feel daunting.

Difficult memories may still be troubling or traumatic events from the past can resurface even after many years. Sometimes this happens in ways that don't seem connected to those events, such as generalised anger, anxiety, depression, odd physical symptoms, "getting hijacked" by a variety of confusing emotions or intrusive thoughts or memories. These can lead to using unhealthy coping mechanisms or behavious that might cause problems in different areas of life.

Low Confidence or Lack of Self-Esteem

Many people suffer from low confidence or a lack of self-esteem and related issues with work, at home or in relationships.

Relationship Issues or Repeating Patterns of Relationship Problems

Relationship issues can occur anywhere we are dealing with other people. At home with a partner, family or friends, at work and in a range of other settings. Sometimes we notice repeating patterns of distressing events, such as getting into relationships that don't end well, or where we are treated badly. Or we might have the same issues keep cropping up at work or in friendships, but we can't figure out why and what we can do about it.